Here’s to Long, Healthy Lives!

Raw feeding is growing in popularity across the country! It’s a great way to feed your pet minimally processed food with no preservatives or additives. You’ll know exactly what you’re putting in your pet’s bowl and be able to ensure they not only love what they eat but are as healthy as they can be!

It’s All About Convenience!

We know life is busy…and we want to enjoy our time with our pets as much as we can. In the past, raw food was hard to come by without traveling long distances or buying in bulk. Those days are behind us! Let us help you order the amount of food you need on a monthly basis to lower your storage space needed. We offer easy options of 2 lb rolls, 5 lb rolls, 40 lb flats, and 50 lb blocks to meet your needs.

“Our now 12-year-old dog had to have 6 teeth pulled by the time he was 8, we switched to raw shortly before so no need to buy special food for this procedure. His teeth have been good ever since our new vet even though he was 5 years old and he acts like it!

All 3 of our fur babies are healthier overall because of raw feeding. Their skin, coat, teeth, eyes, ears, and digestion are better. “

-Sarah C