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  • Andis Steel Comb 7.5”


    Made of durable steel, Andis® Steel Combs are sure to be a versatile, long-standing favorite in any grooming shop.

    Steel Combs showcase the same top-notch quality and craftsmanship for which Andis has long been known.

    • Made of strong steel for unmatched durability
    • Removes tangles, dirt, and loose hair

    Ideal for cats and dogs of all sizes.

  • DOOG USA Swim/Bath Towel


    Made from anti-bacterial, quick dry material this is the ‘must have’ accessory for owners of hounds with a penchant for water sports.

    These are great for drying off wet dogs after a swim in the sea or a run in the rain. Applied straight afterwards these will keep nasty niffs to a minimum.

    Keep one in the glove box or hang it to your Walkie Belt’s carabineer by the neat little airing pouch. It acts like a shammy so you can wring it dry and re-use in no time.

    Size: 35.43 in x 15.75 in

    Machine washable 

  • Earth Rated Unscented Dog Grooming Wipes


    Our plant-based wipes are certified compostable and meet the ASTM D6400-12 standards to be composted in a municipal composting facility, to reduce the carbon pawprint.

    This bulk format contains 4 packs of 100 wipes. Each pack is resealable to keep the wipes extra damp, even long after opening. Leave one in the car, one in the garage, one by the backyard… keep your dog’s paws, face and butt clean and fresh after every adventure you have together.

    Our wipes are gentle enough for daily use and contain only the best ingredients, including:

    Aloe Vera
    Known for its healing properties, aloe vera is a perfect natural relief for dry, inflamed skin.

    Shea Butter
    Rich in vitamins K, A & E, this buttery soft moisturizer nourishes fur from root to tip without leaving a sticky or greasy residue.

    With antimicrobial properties, Chamomile extract is great for calming and soothing irritated skin.

    Perfect for soothing puffy skin, this super fruit is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

  • EarthBath Grooming Wipes


    earthbath® Grooming Wipes safely and easily wipe away dirt & odor between baths. Handily clean pets’ dirty paws and undercoat, and remove dander, drool, discharge, and cling-ons from playing in the unknown. Mild cleansers deodorize, freshen, and clean. Safe for animals over 6 weeks old.

  • EarthBath Tushy Wipes


    earthbath® Tushy Wipes offer a safe and convenient way to keep your pet’s tush fresh, clean and odor free between baths. Gentle and non-irritating, these plant-based wipes are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which promotes responsible management of the world’s forest. Specially formulated to help neutralize unpleasant odors with rosemary oil, baking soda, and saccharomyces ferment (odor-eating enzymes). Mild cleansers remove stuck on mess and stains, while chamomile helps soothe the skin. They are the professional groomer’s choice to express anal glands, which helps alleviate booty-dragging behavior (smile, you know the dance…). Safe for all animals over 6 weeks old.


    Deionized water, saccharomyces ferment, sodium cocoyl hydrolyzed soy protein, oryza sativa (rice) extract, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract, potassium sorbate, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, hedychium coronarium (awapuhi) root extract, cucumis sativus (cucumber) fruit extract, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, sodium biocarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, phenoxyethanol.

  • EspanaSILK Revitalizing Mist


    Our Revitalizing Mist Collection offers 4 selections of hypoallergenic herbal body mists that are pet and people safe.  Discover the calming aromatherapy of our botanical body mists to refresh, rejuvenate, rehydrate and revitalize all types of coats with any of our multi-faceted pet, hair and skin care hydrating products from shampoo to conditioners to our “NEW” Espana SILK Revitalizing Mists leaving you wanting more and more and more.


    Personalize you and your pets grooming experience with Espana SILK Revitalizing Mists complete offering of spa-inspired essences.

    Organic and plant based ingredients featuring our signature Cucumber Spa, our aromatic Lilly of the Valley, our 2 new romantic European splendours of Soliel “Sunshine” and Santal “Earth” inspired Mother Nature Mists completing our Collections finest!

  • JW Cat GripSoft Soft Slicker Brush

  • JW Dog GripSoft Bristle Brush

  • JW Dog GripSoft Deluxe Nail Clipper


    JW Pet Gripsoft Deluxe Dog Nail Clipper comes equipped with a rubber-sheathed handle design, which offers extreme comfortability and precision. This Gripsoft technology features non-slip grips which are made to optimize comfort and control while grooming your furry friend. The complete Gripsoft line offers a variety of designs specifically made to address each of your pet’s needs to ensure a beautifully soft and shiny coat.

    • Heavy duty nail clipper features a built-in nail guard to help make regular grooming sessions more safe
    • High quality cutting guard helps prevent cutting nails too short
    • This design optimizes comfort and control while grooming your furry friend
    • Gripsoft technology features non-slip grips and an ergonomically designed handle made to fit the natural curvature of your hand.
    • Medium size best for medium sized breeds and Large size best for Large breeds
  • JW Dog GripSoft Deluxe Undercoat Rake

  • JW Dog GripSoft Deshedding Tool

  • JW Dog GripSoft Guillotine Nail Trimmer

  • JW Dog GripSoft Palm Nail Grinder

  • JW Dog GripSoft Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

  • JW Dog GripSoft Shedding Comb

  • JW Dog GripSoft Slicker Brush Medium


    JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush comes equipped with a rubber-sheathed handle design, which offers extreme comfortability and precision. This Gripsoft technology features non-slip grips which are made to optimize comfort and control while grooming your furry friend. The complete Gripsoft line offers a variety of designs specifically made to address each of your pet’s needs to ensure a beautifully soft and shiny coat.

    Metal teeth in two different lengths lift shedding hair from the undercoat and loosen lightly matted portions of fur. The teeth are turned 90 degrees away from the skin keeping them parallel to the skin to prevent “raking” the skin and make grooming more comfortable for your dog.

  • JW Dog GripSoft Soft Pin Brush

  • JW Dog GripSoft Styptic Powder

  • JW Dog GripSoft Undercoat Rake

  • JW Pet GripSoft Comfort Comb Medium 5”


    JW Pet Grip Soft Fine & Course Rotating Comfort Comb helps untangle mats and snarls. The “Good Grooming” tool for regular thorough combing of your dog. Keeps groomer comfortable with the Grip Soft rubber-sheathed handle that is a non-slip grip. A Course and Fine comb in one tool allows for multipurpose functionality. The rounded stainless steel teeth rotate to gently de-tangle. Now you and your pet can feel the difference, and enjoy the “Good Grooming with Grip Soft” experience. You will knot be disappointed when using this fantastic comb. This comb is also an excellent finishing tool.

  • JW Pet GripSoft De-Shedding Loop


    The Grip Soft Shedding Blade Regular is a curved oval shaped blade with tiny teeth attached to a soft ergonomically correct handle. This tool is perfect for removing large amounts of dead and shedding fur. The Shedding Blade also helps to reduce mats when used regularly. The JW non slip ergonomically correct handle is designed to be more comfortable on the hand making grooming a more pleasurable experience for you.

    • Curved oval shaped blade with tiny teeth
    • Non-slip handle and ergonomic design
    • Perfect for removing large amounts of dead and shedding fur
    • Helps to reduce mats when used regularly
    • For shedding
  • JW Pet GripSoft Dematting Rake



    The JW Pet Gripsoft Dematting Rake comes equipped with a rubber-sheathed handle design, which offers extreme comfortability and precision. This Gripsoft technology features non-slip grips which are made to optimize comfort and control while grooming your furry friend.

    The Grip Soft Dematting Rake is the best tool for cutting and removing mats from the inner layers of your pets fur. Its long stainless steel blades are specially made to cut through even the toughest mats! Remember to always use the tool on an angle, holding the rubber handle slanted upright to avoid scratching the skin. The complete Gripsoft line offers a variety of designs specifically made to address each of your pet’s needs to ensure a beautiful and shiny coat.

  • Kin + Kind Dog/Cat Waterless Bath Shampoo


    Your Pet Hates Baths. Get the clean. Skip the fuss. Cleanse pet’s skin, coat, and paws between baths and after walks. Rinse free. Worry free.

    • Rinse Free Clean: Your pet hates baths, so get the clean and skip the fuss. Cleanse your pet’s skin, coat, and paws between baths and after walks. Our rinse free foam is made from natural soap for a real clean.
    • Natural Ingredients: We use organic coconut and olive oils for a gentle cleanse and essential oils for a natural fragrance.
    • Lavender Essential Oil: Natural fresh and floral fragrance from essential oils.
    • Vet Formulated: Each and every Ingredient, including every essential oil, is vet approved to ensure effective and safe concentrations for your pet. Certified Leaping Bunny cruelty free.
    • Made in the USA: Every kin+kind bottle is lovingly mixed, labeled, and shipped by the hands of our employees paid a responsible, living wage in our certified USDA organic facility.

    Ingredients: Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana), Saponified Organic Olive Oil (Sodium Olivate), Saponified Organic Coconut Oil (Sodium Cocoate), Vegetable Glycerin, Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) Essential Oil, Potassium Citrate, Soapbark (Quillaja Saponaria Wood Extract)

    size: 8 fl oz (236ml)

  • Messy Mutts Silicone Grooming Glove


    Keep your messy mutt happy. Keep your home clean.

    Here is your solution to messy mutt paws and coats. Clean and dry your dog before the mess finds its way to your home, car, clothes, etc. Absorbing 7 times its weight in water, the microfiber on this mitt is also a soft and snuggly treat for your pet.


    • This 100% microfiber chenille mitt can absorb up to 7 times its own weight in water, making it super fast and easy to dry your mutt.
    • Microfiber has creates a natural attraction to dust and dirt particles, helping to clean your pups paws while containing the mess while on the go.
    • Ideal for your dogs travel kit or in the car in case you need to dry your dogs paws in a hurry. Can also be used during bath time to help work up a thick lather while reducing the amount of soap used.
    • This 10″ x 8″ mitt is machine washable. Hang to dry and avoid fabric softeners to prolong performance.
  • Nootie Anti-Itch Medicated Spray



    Maximum Strength with Active Ingredients Pramoxine 1% and Lidocaine 1%

    Nootie Anti-Itch Medicated Spray soothing formula relieves itching and scratching to help heal and restore your pet’s skin. Delicately formulated with our Soft Lily Passion fragrance, leaving your pet’s coat shiny, soft and smelling great!

    • Veterinarian strength active ingredients
    • Relieves and soothes itchy skin
    • Non-irritating Cucumber Melon fragrance
    • No parabens, SLS, harsh chemicals, or dyes
    • Safe to use along with topical flea & tick products

    Spray daily on affected local areas or as directed by your veterinarian.

    Uses: An anti-itch spray that calms, soothes, and temporarily relieves pain and itching caused by insect bites and other minor allergic problems in dogs.

    Active Ingredients: Pramoxime HCL 1%, Lidocaine HCL 1% Inactive Ingredients: Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate-80, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Disodium EDTA.

  • Nootie Ear Wipes


    Nootie Ear Wipes are an easy way to wipe away dirt, debris and wax build-up to maintain a clean, healthy ear canal. Made with salicylic acid to help prevent growth of harmful bacteria and yeast that can lead to infections. These soft wipes are gently formulated with non-irritating fragrance to deodorize ears and safe to use for daily routine cleaning.

    • Made with salicylic acid, an antiseptic that helps prevent the growth of bacteria and yeast to maintain a healthy, dry ear canal.
    • Easy to wipe away dirt, debris, and wax
    • Deodorizes and eliminates ear odor with a fresh scent
    • Long lasting fragrance
    • No parabens, SLS, harsh chemicals or dyes
    • pH balanced for dogs & cats of all ages
    • Cruelty free & vegan friendly
    • Safe to use along with topical flea & tick products

    Directions for Use: Use as often as required to keep ear clean and free of debris. Gently rub the base of the ear and then wipe the interior of the ear flap.  Discard wipe after use.

    Ingredients: Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Octylphenol Ethoxylate, SDA-40B Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Dioctyl Sulfosuccinate, Fragrance, Benzoic Acid, Salicylic Acid

  • Nootie Tear Stain Eye Wipes


    Nootie Pre-Soaked Tear Stain Wipes are the ideal small soft pad to cleanse and moisturize the sensitive skin areas around the eyes and face that are prone to dirt, crust, and dried mucus build-up that cause unwanted stains. Gently formulated with plant-based glycerin and aloe vera to moisturize, soothe, and soften these sensitive skin areas, preventing new stains from developing.

    • Gentle, Non-Irritating Cleansing Formulation
    • Helps Fade & Prevent New Tear Stains From Forming
    • Aloe Vera Gel to Soothe &  Moisturize Sensitive Eye Areas
    • Convenient Pre-Soaked Pads, No Rinsing Required

    Directions for Use: Gently and thoroughly rub tear stains with pad to remove dirt, crust, and dried mucous around outer eye area only. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. For best results, use daily to maintain clean exterior eye area on dogs and cats over 12 weeks of age.

    Ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerin, Decyl Polyglucoside, Phenoxyethanol (preservative), Sodium Hyaluronate, L-Taurine, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Aloe Vera Gel, Disodium EDTA, Benzalkonium Chloride.

  • Pet Hoodz


    Pet Hoodz is a soft, expandable, fabric band with gentle compression that relieves anxiety and calms dogs during stressful situations. It works well in many different situations. Our products help calm and protect dogs from the loud noise and high-pressured air associated with force drying in the grooming salon. It has proven to be so effective at relieving anxiety that it is now used to help calm pets during any potentially stressful situation, whether it’s at the grooming salon or in the home.

    Great for use at home: Vacuum, Thunder, Fireworks, Gunfire, Noisy environment, Toenail trimming, Brushing, Bathing, Blow drying, Paw handling, Car rides, Visitors, Vet exams, Aerating the ears,  & Preventing Hematomas

  • Skout’s Honor Probiotic Itch Relief





    Shake Well. Spray directly on affected area(s). Massage gently into skin and coat. Repeat as often as needed.

    Great For

    Calming, soothing and hydrating itchy, irritated skin with long-lasting relief.


    Infused with a live, colony-forming probiotic kefir culture that supports a protective layer of beneficial bacteria to help naturally soothe itch, dry and irritated skin.

    Good bacteria serve as a natural defense against the environmental damage and inflammation commonly associated with excessive shedding, itching, dryness, infection and odor. When applied to the skin, probiotics support the good bacteria that naturally calm inflammation and prevent bad bacteria from taking over.

  • Skunk Off Odor Remover


    Skunk-Off Liquid Soaker is the smart solution for eliminating bad skunk smells. Safe and effective formula works on dogs, cats, and on clothing and furniture.

    Skunk-Off Liquid Soaker removes skunk odor from dogs, other pets, and fabrics. Stops skunk odor fast and permanently on dogs, you, your clothes, cats, home, car — anything.

    • Apply full-strength
    • Works in minutes
    • Eliminates odor permanently
    • Safe nontoxic, nonirritating

    For best results with pets, bathe with a skunk shampoo, apply, and allow pet to air dry. Skunk Off Odor Remover will neutralize odor as it dries. Skunk Off available in an 8 oz and 32 oz size.

  • Tall Tails Wet Paw Mat

    • Versatile absorbent dog mat available in 2 sizes
    • Super absorbent material leaves the mess outside, preventing wet and muddy paws from tracking through the house
    • Features a non-slip backing to keep your dog comfortable and secure
    • Perfect for maintaining a clean and healthy living environment
    • Great for anywhere you have a wet or dirty pup, whether at home, in the car, or in the bath
    • Machine wash and dry for easy clean up
  • Tall Tails Wet Paws Bath Mat

    • 39″ X 15.75″ dog bath mat
    • Designed to provide a stress-free bathing experience
    • Fits in standard bathtubs, flexible material allows it to fit in kitchen sink as well
    • Loofah-like surface texture provides non-slip environment
    • Large suction cups and non-ski backing ensures footing for your pup in the tub, providing comfort & security during bath time
    • Keeps pet hair out of drain
    • Color may vary (orange or charcoal)

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