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  • 2″ Double-Layered Biothane Collar w/Handle


    When used during agitation work the extra width helps spread the pressure on the neck over a larger area and therefore less localized stress.

    The 2″ wide collar is available with or without a handle for additional control and is available in 20″, 22″ and 24″ lengths.

  • Ball w/Handle


    This newly redesigned Ray Allen Ball on a Rope is the perfect reward toy for your working dog.

    The ball features a hollow core combined with a soft rubber surface with knobs that allows your dog a better grip.

    The ball comes with a 2.5 inch or 3 inch diameter ball in either orange or blue colors with your choice of a T-handle or loop handle. It is durable yet still soft enough to protect against injury while playing.

  • Baskerville Ultra Muzzle


    Baskerville Ultra is the ultimate muzzle. Every aspect of the muzzle’s design has been created to combine maximum safety with comfort for the dog.

    The material is extremely tough and durable, yet malleable and soft to touch. The ergonomically designed safety strapping ensures the muzzle will always remain securely in place and features two additional points of secure attachment. The loop at the bottom is designed to attach to your dog’s regular collar and an optional over-head safety strap should ensure that even a canine Houdini cannot escape! The Ultra also has a secure metal buckle with pre-holed webbing, to ensure it is quick and easy to fit and the neoprene padding ensures it is snug and comfortable.

  • Biothane Multifunction Harness


    Biothane Multifunctional Harness is easy to put on and remove with the heavy duty brass clips located on both sides. The harness comes with a padded breast plate for comfort, a loop handle located at the top and riveted brass fittings.

    Built and designed for daily use and will not stretch, crack, or require maintenance. It is non restrictive, comfortable and the harness to use for tracking and agitation work.

    Sizing is based on your dog’s girth:
    Medium: 26 – 36 inches
    Large: 29 – 39 inches
    X-Large: 37 – 47 inches

  • Biothane Slip Collar


    14″ – fits 12″-16″
    16″ – fits 14″-18″
    18″ – fits 16″-20″
    20″ – fits 18″-22″
    22″ – fits 20″-24″
    24″ – fits 22″-26″

  • Biothane Training Tab


    BioThane training tabs are great for close quarters, training for off leash work and for alerting for medical service dogs! They are durable, waterproof and easy to clean

    *Colors May Vary

  • Box Clicker


    J&J Clickers are the rugged, long-lasting variety, but you should always have several J&J Dog Clickers on hand.

    Many dog training experts in positive motivational training methods utilize clickers as a secondary reinforcer.(Assorted colors)

  • Ezy Dog Beaver Tail


    The EzyDog Beaver Tail is both a fetch and a tug toy.

    Your dog will enjoy hours of fun with the tough and durable Beaver Tail.

    With a foam core that floats in water, you can take your fun to the beach or lake!

  • FDT Agitation Stick TE4


    If you want to reach success in training your dog, it is necessary for you to have special dog training equipment. Don’t you think that it is better to use the one that professional dog trainers use?
    We would like to introduce you our Leather Covered Agitation Stick for dog training. The stick is meant to motivate your dog for attack.

  • FDT Agitation Whip TE15


    If you train service, police or military dogs it is important to teach your dog in extraordinary situation. Our Training Agitation Whip may help you in this case. It trains your dog to work paying no attention to the noise around it. This dog agitation whip increases stress resistance of a dog. It is also a perfect tool for Schutzhund training. Nothing should distract your dog’s attention from the task assigned.

    Key features of this Training Agitation Whip:

    • Leather covered handle grip
    • Hang loop
    • Proper flexibility
    • Light weight
    • Drop and popper

    Intended use of this Training Agitation Whip:

    • Schutzhund training
    • Agitation training
    • Bite sleeve training


    • Length – 24 inches ( 60 cm )


    • Leather cover

    The body of the whip is covered with soft high quality genuine leather and equipped with comfortable leather loop on handle. Drop and popper will provide noise to train your dog. Use loop on the handle to enjoy even more secure grip or to hang whip when it is not used on the wall or in vehicle. The length of the stick part is 24 inches (60 cm). Drop and popper may be removed and replaced.

  • FDT Bamboo Clatter Stick TEB


    Make as much noise as it is possible during training  to make your dog pay no attention to surroundings and listen only to your commands. We would like to offer you our Strong Dog Training Stick made of Bamboo.

  • FDT Bite Pillow TE39


    Every day our designers and craftsmen do all their best to make comfortable dog training equipment. We think about your comfort and safety during training activities and about pleasure that you and your four feet friend want to get during training.
    We would like to offer you Dog Bite Pillow that will help you to develop your dog’s bite skills. It should be mentioned that all our products are recommended by vets and professional dog trainers.

    Key features of this Dog Bite Pillow:

    • Hypoallergic stuffing
    • Durable French Linen material exterior
    • Light weight
    • Three full grip comfortable handles
    • Wide bite area surface
    • Stitched for additional strength

    Intended use of this Dog Bite Pillow:

    • Dog bite skills improving
    • Protection work training

    Material: French Linen

  • FDT Dog Bite Rag Made of Genuine Leather TE43


    Extra Durable Dog Bite Training Rag

    The leather dog bite rag is a perfect dog training equipment that is used for training puppies or young dogs. Fordogtrainers company cares about our customers and their four-feet friends that is why our craftsmen do all their best to make durable and comfortable equipment. All our police k9 supplies are made in accordance with International Standards. If you think that quality products cost a lot, that means you have not visited our pet store.

    We would like to offer you our Leather Dog Bite Rag that is extra durable but has an affordable price. Buy this best dog training equipment and you will get more pleasure while training your beloved pet.

    Key features of this Dog Bite Rag:

    • High quality genuine leather
    • Equipped with one handle
    • Stitched at the edges
    • Extra durable

    Intended use of this Dog Bite Rag:

    • Improving puppy’s bite skills
    • Puppy training
    • Prey drive stimulation

    Sizes available:

    • Length – 60 cm
    • Width – 10 cm


    • Leather

    Our craftsmen use only natural materials that are extra durable and non-toxic. The rag doesn’t harm your puppy’s teeth and its health in general.

    You will enjoy using this bite rag for your puppy training because:

    • genuine leather is extra durable;
    • leather doesn’t absorb wet or dust;
    • it is easy to clean;
    • dog has to make more efforts to grab the rag;

    The working dog training equipment is equipped with one handle to make training procedure more comfortable for you. The service dog training equipment allows you to carry the rag firmly but prevents your hands’ traumatizing.

  • FDT Football Bite Dog Ball TT115


    Amazing Green Synthetic Leather Dog Toy

    Are you a fan of football and like all things connected with it? This nice dog toy in a form of a soccer ball is a great item for having fun with your dog! It’s made of ecofriendly synthetic leather and has a nylon handle. Inside the ball there is a synthetic leather chamber with a nipple. Take it everywhere with you and your dog will be always involved into different activities.

    • top quality and safe synthetic leather
    • great soccer style image
    • toy for medium dogs
    • made of dog friendly materials
    • not protected from biting
    • diameter 5 9/10 inches (15 cm)
  • FDT French Linen Bite Builder PBB4F


    You have a young dog who is full of energy and is ready to start serious training?
    Are you planning to own a real defender and win different types of dog competitions?
    Get started with Dog Bite Builder! It will help you to develop necessary bite strength and direct your dog’s energy and courage into a proper place.

    French Linen Bite Builder Developer for Dog with Hard Handles

    Key features of this Dog Bite Builder:

    • 3 durable round padded hard handles
    • dog safe materials
    • durable french linen material
    • easy bite grip angle for training

    Intended use of this Dog Bite Builder:

    • Advanced bite training
    • Building full bite grip
    • Building better position grip
    • Building stronger grip

    For those who are going to involve their dogs into professional dog training and competitions, a dog bite builder is a great “starting point”.

    This dog bite builder is made of French linen. Such material is used for bite suits, thus when your dog is ready for high level of training, he/she will be already accustomed to this type of material, and won’t refuse biting it.
    French linen is very durable and dog safe. So, even after numerous trainings, the bite builder will keep its form.

  • FDT French Linen Bite Dog Tug TE16F

  • FDT French Linen Bite Dog Tug TE57


    Make your dog’s life easier and funnier with this functional French Linen bite dog tug. This gear was created to train your dog effectively and to reach high results. The tug is manufactured from synthetic French Linen and has a square shape. This bite tag comes of mixed combined colors to be more attractive. Moreover, square shape is more interesting for the dog to play with. Safe material and hypoallergenic stuffing will deliver no health problems to your pet. Become and advanced dog trainer, order this modern gear!

  • FDT French Linen Bite Tug Stuffed with Hypoallergenic Materials TE35


    Dog Bite Tug with Convenient Handle

    Use only high quality equipment for training your dog. We love our four-feet clients that is why we make only high quality durable police dog training equipment. We would like to introduce you our Dog Bite Tug made of French Linen. You will enjoy training with your dog with this Bite Tug.

    Bite Tug French Linen for Dog Training

    Click on the pictures to see bigger image

    Key features of this Dog Bite Tug:

    • Made of dog-safe materials
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Carefully stitched edges
    • Non-toxic stuffing
    • Equipped with 1 handle

    Intended use of this Dog Bite Tug:

    • Bite work
    • Retrieve item

    Sizes available:

    • Width – 2 1/3 inch (6 cm)
    • Length – 12 inch (30 cm)


    • French Linen

    This Bite Tug is perfect for training your dog to follow different commands or just for playing with your beloved pet. Our puppy bite rag is made of strong synthetic material that is called French Linen. It is absolutely safe for dog’s health. The dog equipment for training is stuffed with safe for dog’s teeth material.

    The length of the tug is 12 inch (30 cm) and the width is 2 1/3 inch (6 cm), so you may use it for training your growing puppy or grown up dog.

    Due to the material that is used in this tug, our k9 bite training equipment doesn’t absorb wet or dust. The dog bite tug is easy to clean. This model is equipped with one handle.

    *Colors May Vary

  • FDT French Linen Bite Tug with Handle TE73


    Is your dog the best that happened in your life? So he/she deserves a little present – “Rugby Game” Dog Bite Tug.
    Strong grip, perfect reaction, great retrieving skills – all these and even more your dog will get if you order this Dog Bite Tug of French Linen. Isn’t it you have been dreaming about? Leave all hesitations and hurry up to buy the supply that will be not only a perfect training tool but still become a favorite toy for funny pastime with your furry friend.
    The extra durable material will easily withstand hours of intensive biting and tugging. Created specially for big canines, the tug is large-sized for your pet to have enough space to grab the toy firmly. While handmade craftsmanship ensures a long lifespan of the item, non-toxic material and stuffing will guarantee the safety of your dog’s health.

  • FDT French Linen Puppy Bite Tug TE33


    Small Dog Bite Tug

    Choosing a toy for a puppy you should remember that your games should not only entertain but also develop dog’s skills for future education and training. Special for this kind of playing our designers produce this Dog Bite Tug for Puppies. Like all our products this bite tug corresponds to world standards. All the dog agility training equipment is proved by vets and professional dog trainers.

    Key features of this Dog Bite Tug:

    • dog safe materials
    • made of synthetic “French Linen”
    • stitched on the edges
    • extra strong
    • hypoallergenic
    • equipped with one handle

    Intended use of this Dog Bite Tug:

    • retrieve item
    • developing bite skills


    • width – 1 3/4 (4 cm)
    • length – 12 inch (30 cm)


    • French Linen

    The bite tug for puppies is made of high quality material. The same material is used for making bite suits. Such bite rag for dogs is perfect motivational tool during obedience training. It is lightweight and equipped with comfortable handle that makes its usage more comfortable and safer for your hands. The pitbull training gear is perfect for developing your puppy’s biting skills. You may also use it as retrieve item. It is stitched at the edges for extra strength. It won’t injure your puppy’s teeth.

    Don’t leave your dog unsupervised with bite tug. It will destroy it and you won’t be able to use this training equipment any more.

  • FDT French Linen Puppy Tug TE31

    3.5 x 3.25 inch (9 cm x 8.5 cm)
  • FDT French Linen Two Handle Bite Tug 2”x15” TE49


    Take a wise decision and get premium quality equipment for your dog. If you’ve already started developing bite grip of your pup and think that he is posed to go to a new level of training, take a look at the bite tug of medium hardness developed specially for advanced puppies and up. Enhance drive and motivation, build better bite grip, develop retrieve skills and prepare your pet for work with a bite sleeve with this French Linen tug.

    This bite tug is manufactured of French Linen which is known to be the world’s strongest natural fiber. The material is very thick that contributes to strength and longevity. The bite tug produced of this fabric lasts a very long time. So, be sure that the item will stand bites of your canine and will be your reliable training assistant for a long period of time.

    Key features of this Dog Bite Tug:

    • Non-toxic and sturdy materials
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Careful stitching on the edges
    • Dog-friendly stuffing
    • 2 soft loop-like handles

    Intended use of this Dog Bite Tug:

    • Enhancing drive and motivation
    • Building bite grip
    • Preparing a dog to work with a bite sleeve
    • Retrieve item

    Sizes available:

    • Width – 2 1/3 inch (6 cm)
    • Length – 15 3/4 inch (40 cm) without handles
    • Weight – 240 g


    • French Linen
  • FDT French Linen/Leather Bite Pillow with 3 Handles TE12


    If you think that your dog’s biting skills are on the highest level that means you haven’t experienced this French Linen Bite Pad in action. With the help of wide leather bite area you will be able to train stronger bite grip of your dog. It is more difficult for a dog to grasp the bite pad because of the leather area. That means your dog will have to make more efforts to grip it. This item for bite pillow dog training will be a perfect solution if you want to reach success in training.

  • FDT Funny Play French Linen Bite Tug TE82


    Do you want to motivate your small pooch while training? Or are you eager to prepare your puppy for work with a bite sleeve? Then this French Linen bite tug is what you may need. This model is designed to enhance prey drive and motivation, to attract attention of a puppy or small dog while training….

  • FDT Huge Dog Bite Tug TE38


    Dog Bite Tug for Training Large Breed Dogs

    High quality equipment is an integral part of successful dog training. Grown-up dogs are strong that is why the equipment you use during training should be extra durable.

    We would like to introduce you our Huge Bite Tug for grown-up dogs. Our bite tug is recommended by vets and professional dog trainers because all our products correspond to World Standards for dog training equipment.

    Key features of this Dog Bite Tug:

    • 100 % dog safe materials
    • Handmade
    • French Linen material
    • Hypoallergic
    • 2 handles
    • Hand stitched at the edges

    Intended use of this Dog Bite Tug:

    • Grown-up dog training
    • Stronger grip training
    • Retrieve item


    • Width – 4 inch (10 cm)
    • Length – 24 inch  (60 cm)


    • French Linen

    If you read about the advantages of this dog bite tug, you will see that it is worth buying.

    This bite tug (tag) is made of high quality durable synthetic material “French Linen”. This material is used for dog bite suits. This fact confirms the strength and durability of the material. The length of this bite tug, 24 inch (60 cm), doesn’t include handles.

    The bite tug is absolutely safe for dog’s health. It is non-allergic. The material is soft enough so it doesn’t cause any harm to dog’s teeth.

    It is equipped with two comfortable handles to protect your hands from injuries. Due to these handles it is easy to swing about with the dog on it.

  • FDT Jute Dog Bite Sleeve for Intermediate Training PS15


    The quick reward sleeve allows you to remove your arm fast during bite training. This is due to the short bite bar barrel and easy wide sleeve entrance point. You know how those split seconds matter when you need to give your dog a reward after good session. No more hassle with this intermediate sleeve. You will also love the velcro removable/ replaceable cover. With the dog training arm sleeve, the bottom part is not removable and you need to pay almost the whole sleeve price to get the bottom part. The removable sleeve cover for this dog bite arm sleeve is only $29.90 so it’s a great investment.

    It is the leader of all dog training equipment and used by schutzhund trainers for years with great performance. The cylinder is made in such a way that the helper can feel the bite pressure. The sk9 dog training equipment for bite training is ultra lightweight, has a perfectly angled bite bar and is very comfortable fit. A superior arm can be used with both young and experienced young dogs. We recommend you use this hunting dog equipment for training dogs till the age of 12 month.

    Pick this dog training sleeve when you need to build a good foundation in bite work. The gundog training equipment is designed for dogs that are in-between stages in their protection work program. Our dog bite protection sleeve is the perfect step up from the puppy sleeve when working with young dogs. The cover is easily removable.

  • FDT Jute Tug w/Handle TE25


    Don’t you think that it’s better to use the stuff which professionals do. The same dog trainers use to be sure that it is safe for your puppy’s health? That is why we would like to offer you our Dog Bite Tag. This dog bite tag is a perfect tool for training grown-up puppies.

    Size: 2 1/3”x12”
    Material: Jute

  • FDT Large Dog Ball on a String TT20


    If daily dog training is becoming a mundane thing, if this activity is not that pleasant, exciting and interesting anymore, then it is high time you experienced dog training with absolutely new Interactive Dog Training Ball Made of Indestructible Foam! It is designed to make training sessions more effective, unforgettable and super fun! High quality of materials and performance itself will grab your attention from the first second you touch this ball. Play, train, enjoy time spending with your four-pawed friend! The daily life of your dog will become much more interesting from now on!

    Key features of this Dog Ball:

    • safe foam
    • quality lightweight material
    • water floating
    • strong colorful rope
    • bright innovative design

    Intended use of this Indestructible Rubber Dog Ball:

    • retrieve training
    • playing and running
    • basic and most advanced training
    • having fun during daily walks

    Sizes available:

    • Large 3 1/2 inch (9 cm) in diameter
    • 4 oz (110 gr) in weight
    • 14 inch (35 cm) rope length


    • foam
    • nylon string
  • FDT Lightweight Ball Arm Pocket Made of Durable NC Material TE81


    Comfortable Arm Pocket to Hide 7 cm Balls during Training Sessions

    Dogs aren’t born with what we consider good manners, they have to be taught. And like many other behaviors you can improve your dog’s attention through training. This one-size-fits-all arm pocket is a great aid on your way to developing attention of your puppy or dog. It is a high-quality product that enables to hide a ball from the dog’s sight during a training session.

    Dependable ball arm pocket stitched with armored fiber

    This ball arm pocket is designed to teach the puppy or dog to concentrate his attention. Maneuver the ball and make the dog to closely follow it. Then hide the ball into the arm pocket. He follows your motions and in such a way concentrates his attention at you.

    Arm pocket will do for 7 cm balls

    Key features of this ball arm pocket:

    • easy and fast to put
    • tear-proof and stain resistant material
    • adjustable strap
    • durable

    Intended use of this ball arm pocket:

    • developing dog’s attention

    Sizes available:

    • 2 3/4 inch x 4 1/3 inch (7 cm x 11 cm)
    • weight – 180 g


    • NC material

    Develop attention of your dog with this ball arm pocket

    The arm pocket is manufactured of totally non-toxic and eco-friendly material. It is not likely to provoke allergy or cause itching. In addition, it is a sturdy material. Due to it, the item will serve you for a long period of time without a sign of wearing. The arm pocket is stitched with armored thread for reinforcement. This model is equipped with a strap that can be easily adjusted.

    Waterproof Treat Pouch for Dog Training and Walking

    Usage of this arm pocket during training will help to improve dog’s attention skills. This skill is essential for further education and healthy development of the pet. So, getting this arm pocket is a long-term investment that yields an exceptionally high return.

  • FDT Perfect Reward French Linen Bite Tug TE83


    Do you plan to prepare your canine for bite sleeve training? Are you searching for the tool to motivate your puppy while training?
    There are lots of tools for this purpose on the market today, but we would like to present you this French Linen Bite Tug for Puppies. It is ideal for the purposes mentioned above. This bite tug is designed to enhance prey drive and motivation, to attract attention of a puppy while training.

    Size: 6” x 4”
    Material: French Linen

  • FDT Puppy Tug TE24


    Do you own very active puppy?
    Does your puppy like bite everything he/she sees?
    Good news for active dogs owners. You can develop your puppy biting skills with super durable Jute Bite Puppy Tug. This item will turn your pastime into effective and joyful play that will help your puppy to bite properly, to develop prey drive and will be a great item for rewarding for his good behavior and fulfilment of your commands.

    Size: 2 1/3”x8”
    Material: Jute

  • FDT Roll and Throw Chew Ball on a String


    Do you wish to train your full of energy dog with fun and pleasure? Do you want your beloved friend to succeed in retrieve training? Have you already found the best item for this purpose? If no, you haven’t probably heard anything about this Innovative Chew Dog Ball made of special rubber. The material, this dog ball is made of, is extremely durable and non-toxic. There is no vinyl, phthalates and latex.

  • FDT Rolled French Linen Tug TE37


    Training a dog is not an easy task. You know that it should be started from puppyhood.
    The main task that is set for the dog owner is to teach a puppy to follow his/her commands. For this purpose, every careful dog owner needs special equipment.

    We would like to introduce you our Dog Bite Roll recommended for puppy training. As all our products this bite roll was proved by vets and professional dog trainers, breeders.

    Key features of this Dog Bite Roll:

    • 100 % dog safe materials
    • Durable French Linen
    • 2 rope handles
    • hand stitched at the edges

    Intended use of this Dog Bite Roll:

    • Puppy training
    • Stronger grip training
    • Retrieve item


    • length – 12 inch (30 cm)
    • diameter – 1 3/4 inch (4 cm)
    • circumference – 6 inches (15 cm)


    • French Linen

    The diameter of this roll, 1 3/4 inch (4 cm), allows your puppy to get its mouth around the roll. This roll will help you in training your dog to follow different commands.

    This bite roll is made of French Linen, absolutely safe for dog’s teeth material. It doesn’t cause any allergy. The durability of this material is obvious, that is why it is also used for producing dog bite suits.

    The bite roll is equipped with two handles to simplify the handling and to protect your hands from injuries. Due to its form you may also use this bite roll as retrieve item.

  • FDT Set of Powerful Red Magnets TT109


    Maxi Power Clip

    Get this set of red magnets to use with a ball equipped with an inside magnet. The kit contains two parts. The magnet with a handle should be always placed in the inner side of the clothing. The magnets are powerful and are suitable for use with thick or heavy clothes (winter clothes).

    Key features of this Power Clip:

    • 2 powerful magnets
    • Suitable for use with thick or heavy clothes (winter clothes)

    Intended use of this Power Clip:

    • For use with a dog ball equipped with an inside magnet

    Size and weight:

    • Diameter 1 1/6 inches (3.7 cm)
    • 95 g

    Available colors:

    • Red

  • FDT Y Shaped Leather Dog Harness H10


    This harness was created to be the most successful and functional model due to a reasonable price and extra quality. When created this harness, our designers followed one rule: during training the handler should be sure in the durability of the dog`s equipment and have guarantees of safety for dog’s health. All our items are made of high quality materials. This full leather hand-made training equipment is crafted to provide you with maximum strength and comfort during walking or training.

    Key features of this Dog Harness:

    • 100% full grain genuine leather
    • extra durability
    • 4 ways adjustable
    • thick felt padding on the chest plate
    • wide “Y” shaped chest plate
    • wide straps
    • quick release buckle
    • brass fittings

    Intended use of this Dog Harness:

    • obedience training
    • off leash training
    • walking dog in style
    • agitation training

    Sizes available:

    • Medium: Neck 13”-23”, Chest 25”-38”
    • Large: Neck 17”-27”, Chest 27”-42”
    • Extra Large: Neck 24”-33”, Chest 32”-50”
  • Herm Sprenger Fur Saver Collar


    Teaching your dog to sit, stay and heel at your command is easier when you have a little help. That’s where Herm Sprenger’s Fur Saver training collar comes in. Specially designed for dogs with longer hair, this collar helps you train your new BFF and discourage bad behavior—even when he has a flowing coat that might get caught in a standard training collar. It’s made from sturdy steel and includes elongated links that help you maintain control without pain. With high quality standards, superb craftsmanship and multiple sizes available, Herm Sprenger helps pet parents and trainers teach any dog new tricks.

    • Designed to help you train your dog—especially commands like heel, sit and stay.
    • Steel collar comes in multiple sizes to suit a variety of dog breeds.
    • Ideal for long-haired dogs, with elongated links designed to avoid catching and pulling fur.
    • Includes only top tier materials from Herm Sprenger.
    • Made with pride in Germany, utilizing modern techniques and tight quality control.
  • Herm Sprenger Prong Collars


    One of the most well known names in dog training.  Herm Sprenger products are extremely durable.  Most trainers recommend these for a safer alternative to choke collars.  If placed properly this collar will not apply pressure to the trachea.  Individual links can be added or removed for a better fit.

  • Mendota Pet Command Slip Collar

    Soft round slip collars w/brass rings made with the same fiber as the Mendota leads.  These collars are alternatives to traditional choke chains – strong enough to provide correction, yet soft enough to provide comfort.  Sizes are measured from the inside of one ring to the other ring.  We recommend sizing up at least 2 sizes from your dog’s neck measurement to allow the collar to fit over largest portion of your dog’s head.
  • Ray Allen 1″ Collar- English Rein Brown Leather


    Premier Collars are made of #1 grade English Rein Leather with brass-plated German steel hardware.

    This Havana brown leather dog collar quickly softens with use for a luxurious feel.

    Measures 1″ wide and 1/4″ thick.

  • Viper Bite Pillow


    Made in Europe of top-grade French linen material, this Classic Bite Pillow is perfect to use as a bite developer and drive building training tool for puppies and young dogs.

    Tear-resistant, durable material sewn together with heavy duty stitching that also features three thick handles for a strong grip, this bite pillow helps transition from tug training to sleeve training.

    Bite Pillows are for training use only and are not to be used as a chew toy.

    48 ounces

  • Viper Bite Roll


    Perfect for puppies and young dogs as a beginning bite developer, these bite pillows are a great interactive training tool.

    Each pillow is made in Europe from top grade synthetic linen that is both durable and tear-resistant. Features one thick handle for strong grip and is sewn together with heavy duty stitching. Bite Pillows are for training use only and are not to be used as a chew toy.

    Should not be used as a chew toy.

    12″ in length.

    • Material options of either high quality Jute or top grade synthetic linen, both durable and tear resistant.
    • Features rubberized nylon handles for a secure grip, and heavy duty stitching for durability.
    • Made in Europe. Measures 12″ in length.
    • Great for training, schutzhund, Police K9s, ring sport, and other daily interactive and drive building activities.
  • Viper French Linen Ball


    Our French Linen Ball  is professionally made in Europe using high Quality French Linen with commercial grade stitching.

    Styles: With Rope or With Handle

    Diameters: 4.25″ (11cm) or 5.50″ (14cm)

    Colors: Black/Red or Blue/Red

    • High Quality and Durable Material
    • Perfect for Interactive Play and Drive Building. SUPERVISED PLAY ONLY. NOT A CHEW TOY
    • Made in Europe.
    • Bite and Tug Toy
  • Viper French Linen Tug Toy


    French Linen tug:

    Designed for interactive activities, these tug toys are an excellent drive building tool.

    Part of the Viper Collection, each tug is made of top-grade French linen. The same material that bite suits are made of, it is durable and tear-resistant. Sewn together with heavy duty stitching and featuring a rubber woven handle for a strong grip, you have the option of choosing between 1 and 2 handles.

    Should not be used as a chew toy.

    Sizes displayed are Tug Length (not including handles) x Tug Diameter

    Please note color you will receive may vary based on availability.

  • VIPER Invader Leather Working Dog Harness


    Dogline is proud to introduce the Viper collection, which is geared towards the professional accessory user and workings dogs of intermediate and advanced levels.

    The Invader harness is handcrafted in Europe of genuine full grain leather and features a solid forged brass metal hardware, welded D-ring, and felt padded breastplate. Leather-wrapped handle helps to gain immediate control of your dog. Lightweight, yet very sturdy and does not restrict movement.

    Perfect for police work, Schutzhund, and personal protection work.

    Two sizes to choose from:

    • Girth 26-32″ (66-81cm)
    • Girth 32-41″ (81-104cm)

    Colors Available:

    • Black
    • Brown
  • Viper Round Bite Pillow


    Perfect for puppies and young dogs as a beginning bite developer, these bite pillows are a great interactive training tool. You have the option to choose between French linen, jute, or leather.

    Part of the Viper Collection, each pillow is made in Europe from either high quality jute material or top grade synthetic linen that is both durable and tear-resistant. Features one thick handle for strong grip and is sewn together with heavy duty stitching.

    Bite Pillows are for training use only and are not to be used as a chew toy.

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