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  • Bulk Chew Sale


    Stock up on your favorite chews this month!

    RedBarn Bully Sticks
    (4) 5″  Bully Sticks for $12
    (4) 7″ Bully Sticks for $18

    RedBarn Twizzle Stix
    (3) for $10

    Etta Says! Deluxe Chew
    (5) for $10

    Barkworthies Gullet Sticks
    (10) for $10

    RedBarn Cow Ears
    (7) for $10

    RedBarn Cow Hooves
    (8) for $10

    RedBarn Peanut Butter Bully Slices
    (8) for $5

    Honey I’m Home! PaddyWack Sticks
    (5) for $10

    RedBarn Barky Bark Beef Jerky
    (4) for $5

    Barkworthies Dry Duck Feet
    (12) for $10

  • Etta Says Go Wild Jerky Treats


    Package size: 5 oz

  • Etta Says! Chew! Crunchy Chews

    Give your dog a treat he’ll “chews” over and over again with Etta Says! Chew! Premium Crunchy Venison Chew Dog Treats. These deliciously crunchable treats are high in protein, made with a unique blend of rawhide and venison specially formulated for safe and easy digestion. Your pup can chew away happily on these no-odor chews without staining the carpet, and the grain-free, all-natural recipe contains no additives or preservatives. As a bonus, the high crunch factor can also be beneficial for your pal’s teeth. Chow down, buddy!

    • These crunchy chews are a longer-lasting, high-protein treat for your pup.
    • Made with a unique blend of rawhide and venison, specially formulated for easy digestion.
    • Made in the USA with all-natural ingredients and proteins sourced from American farms.
    • A no-odor, stain-free, carpet-friendly formula.
    • Grain-free, and crafted without the use of additives or preservatives.

    Package: 4.5 oz

  • Etta Says! Deluxe Chew


    GUARANTEED ANALYSIS Crude Protein..Min….5% Crude Fat……..Min….1% Crude Fiber…..Min….2% Moisture………Min…18% CALORIE CONTENT (ME Calculated) 3,105kcal/kg  220 Kcal/Chew

  • Etta Says! Esopha-Normous 3ft Chew



    Crude Protein . . Min . . . 65.3%
    Crude Fat . . . . . . Min . . . . 16.7%
    Crude Fiber . . . . Max . . . 25.4%
    Moisture . . . . . . Max . . 11.9%

    CALORIE CONTENT (ME Calculated) 4,500 kcal/kg – 694.29 kcal/ 30in Chew

    WEIGHT: 8oz


  • Etta Says! Meat Bars & Sausage Links

  • Etta Says! Mega Chew

  • Etta Says! Select Chews

    When your pup is in a chewin’ mood, satisfy her craving with Etta Says! Select Sausage Dog Treats. These delicious treats are perfect for moderate chewers, and contain only all-natural ingredients, including beef ligament and sausage flavor. The high-quality proteins are sourced from American farms, and these tasty treats contain no fillers, additives, artificial flavors or preservatives. And as a bonus, they don’t have an odor and they won’t stain your carpet. It’s the perfect doggy treat when only a chew will do!

    • These delicious treats are a great option for a moderate chewer.
    • Made in the USA with high-quality proteins sourced from American farms.
    • Features simple, all-natural ingredients, including beef tendons and natural sausage flavor.
    • A no-odor, stain-free, carpet-friendly formula.
    • Crafted without fillers, additives, artificial flavors or preservatives.
  • Etta Says! Sit! Training Treats


    Limited ingredient training treats to help keep your dog’s attention when things get crazy! Low Calorie – 3 Calories per Piece – No Gelatin, Wheat, Corn or Soy in Three Delicious Flavors

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