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  • ASD Canvas Bumper Dog Training Dummy


    The Avery Canvas Bumper is a perfect alternative to plastic bumpers; they are great for scent training.

    • 4Rugged 900D DureMax™ cover
    • Center-core weighted body for level floatation and accurate throws
    • Attached premium double-stitched braided rope
    • 2”x12” or 3″ x 12″
    • The valve-less design will never take on water
  • LCS .22 Caliber Starter Pistol


    This Precise 880 full-sized .22 caliber double action blank pistol is a good starter model for the amateur trainer and track and field starter. This model has an 8-shot swing out cylinder and an ejector rod to remove spent shells. Die-cast metal construction with plastic grips. Acceptable for AKC Hunt Tests and Field Trials. The LCS starter pistol fires most .22 blanks, including .22 caliber crimped blanks and CCI extra loud noise blanks. Please note that this blank pistol will not accept Winchester black powder blanks.

  • LCS .22 Crimp Blank Ammo


    Acorn crimp blanks are for use in .22 caliber blank pistols. These particular crimp blanks are among the smallest, quietest of the .22 blanks sold at Lion Country Supply, and also use smokeless powder.

    The .22 crimp blanks are perfect for introducing pups and young dogs to gunfire.

  • LCS ASD Boater’s Dog Parka


    We stock the medium size of this item. Please allow us 1-3 weeks to get any other size in stock once you have placed your order. Features loop-style grab handles that allow you to easily lift your dog into a blind or boat. This 5mm vest is built for rugged use and will protect your…

  • LCS ASD Hexa Bumper


    The Hex Bumper’s design eliminates many of the disadvantages of traditional round bumpers and holds up to the daily routines of pro trainers! It has 6 flat sides with raised V-Grips for the soft mouth with superior hold. A firmer feel helps reduce any chomping tendency.  The Valveless design never takes on water. Superior construction makes this bumper durable and long-lasting. Throw rope included.

    2”x10” or 3”x10”

  • LCS ASD Standard Dog Parka


    Constructed from soft yet durable 3mm neoprene, this vest-style protector offers insulation needed to dry quickly as well as added buoyancy on long retrieves. The uniquely tapered cut offers a comfortable fit and the large zipper and zipper protector are held firmly in place with Velcro®. Key Features: 3mm neoprene. #10 molded zipper & cold-weather…

  • LCS Avery Boater’s Dog Parka


    Boater’s Dog Parka

    Features loop-style grab handles that allow you to easily lift your dog into a blind or boat. This 5mm vest is built for rugged use and will protect your partner from sharp objects and icy cold water. We will be using the Boater’s Dog Parka in our labs this year. Available in sizes MED. to 3XL and in Marsh Grass and Buck Brush camo patterns.



    • DuraStretchTM is the toughest outer fabric available.
    • #10 molded zipper & cold-weather pull tab.
    • 1” Velcro for torso adjustability
    • Neoprene zipper protector



    Small (15″ neck, 24″ chest)
    Medium(17” neck, 26” chest)
    Large(18” neck, 28” chest)
    XL (19” neck, 31” chest)
    2XL (20” neck, 33” chest)
    3XL (21” neck, 35” chest)

  • LCS Avery Neoprene Dog Vest


    Constructed from soft yet durable 3mm neoprene, this vest-style protector offers insulation needed to dry quickly as well as added buoyancy on long retrieves. The uniquely tapered cut offers a comfortable fit and the large zipper and zipper protector are held firmly in place with Velcro®.

  • LCS Avery True Bird Small Flasher


    The Avery True Bird retriever training dummies are carbon copy versions of the mature bird in weight and size so that your dog can gain confidence in retrieving the bird to hand consistently. The body is coated in PVC that prevents hard-mouthing and is filled with dense foam for buoyancy and real bird feel. Raised V-Grip tooth locks allow your dog to firmly grip the bird. The floating head is made with the same PVC coated foam as the body to discourage your dog from thrashing, but soft enough to prevent injuries. The long-throw rope with a knob is embedded into the body of the bird for an easy toss on land or water. A perfect training tool for waterfowl hunting, retriever tests such as NAHRA or UKC/HRC, and NAVHDA versatile dog tests. The PVC coating is waterproof so the dummy does not become smelly or waterlogged. Scent can either be applied to the body on the outside, or you can use our elastic Scent Bands to absorb and hold our custom training scents.

    The Small Flasher is the same size and weight as the teal but has a high-visibility black and white coloration for beginning retrievers. The Flasher is the size of an adult mallard dummy but has high-visibility black and white coloration for long marks.

  • LCS Better Game Bird Bag



    A must-have for training bird dogs with live birds, the LCS Game Bird Bag is the largest on the market at the lowest price! Great for game stewards on hunting preserves, dog trainers, and dog clubs planting birds for hunt tests and field trials. It also makes a great bumper bag for retriever training.

    The spring-loaded steel top allows you to slip your hand in and out of the bag without birds escaping and keeps the birds secure when the bag is tucked away. The adjustable strap can either fit around your waist or over your shoulder and a brass nameplate can be added upon request. Made of very durable nylon with black mesh side panels for ventilation, the Better Game Bird Bag also has a roomy side pocket perfect for gloves, hobbles, or tethers. This bag has enough capacity for 14 quail, 8 pigeons, 4 chukar, or 2 pheasants and ducks. It is very easy to clean, by simply removing any leftover feathers, spraying down with the hose, and hanging to dry in the sun.

    Overall dimensions:
    12” tall x 16” long x 6” wide

    How many birds will it hold?
    This bag has enough capacity for either 14 quail, 8 pigeons, 4 chukar, or 2 pheasants and ducks.

    Can I carry bumpers in the game bird bag?
    Yes, this bag is also excellent for carrying bumpers for retriever training.

  • LCS Better Game Bird Double Pouch


    The LCS Better Game Bird Double Pouch is a must-have for game stewards on hunting preserves, dog trainers, and dog clubs planting birds for hunt tests and field trials. Quality construction with highly-visible blaze orange Cordura nylon securely stitched to a durable mesh for ventilation and comfort of the birds. Both the front and back sides of the bag have individual mesh pouches separated by nylon. The adjustable strap can either fit around your waist or over your shoulder.  Easy to clean, by simply removing any leftover feathers, spraying down with the hose and hanging to try in the sun.

  • LCS Bird Dog Armor Vest 2


    The LCS Bird Dog Armor Vest 2 takes the same great design of the Bird Dog Armor vest and adds extra protection and better fit on your dog. We increased the thickness of the vest’s material to hold up better to harsh brush in upland cover. It has the same high visibility bright orange rip-stop nylon fabric that covers from the dog’s shoulder to the loin with reflective strips. Now with three 2-inch wide adjustable straps across the back to reduce the vest bunching up and allowing for a better more consistent fit. The vest’s quick-clips make putting it on or taking off a snap. This vest is ideal for hunting in cooler months.

  • LCS Canvas Bumper

      • Canvas bumpers are the go-to tool for retriever training and are used from the beginning puppy in the yard through advanced long marks, blind retrieves, lining and casting drills in the field and pond. Stout 10 oz. canvas over a closed-cell foam body and center weighted core can be used on land or floats in water.

    There are two colors: Orange and White. White dummies are easy for the dogs to see and are good to use with a beginning dog. Orange dummies are more challenging for the dogs to see, making them use their nose if the dummy is scented, or simply work harder for that sight retrieve if the dummy is unscented.

    The absorbent canvas makes adding our training scent easy by just placing a few drops on the dummy.

    *Colors May Vary. If a specific color is wanted, please leave it in the notes of your order.

  • LCS Dog Safety Vest

  • LCS Dog Trainers Bag


    Our New Dog Trainers Bag is truly a better way to keep your training gear safely organized. Made of sturdy double ply canvas with leather trim. Interior compartments will hold e-collars, transmitters, beepers, training dummies, etc. Two roomy side pockets combine features like dividers to keep water bottles cold and scent bottles safe, and quick release snaps for fast and secure closing. Carry with the web handle with leather trim or use the leather padded shoulder strap. Fantastic price!

  • LCS Dokken Dead Fowl Mallard


    The Dokken Dead Fowl Mallard retriever training dummy was designed by world-renowned trainer Tom Dokken to replicate the real weight and feel of the mallard duck. The properly sized, shaped, and colored body is constructed with dense urethane foam that deters the dog from mouthing the dummy, yet provides them with a firm and correct hold. The swinging hard plastic green drake head reminds them to not thrash or shake the duck in their mouth while retrieving. For use on water or land, this dummy is fully buoyant and will float even when punctured or torn. The knotted rope at the rear of the dummy is firmly embedded into the body for easy and reliable throwing.

  • LCS Dokken Dead Fowl Pheasant


    Tom Dokken has put his many years of training champion dogs to great use when he created and designed these training dummies. These areas are realistic as possible and great for getting dogs accustomed to retrieving dead birds. The Dead Fowl Trainer’s body is made of soft, natural-feel foam that will not sink, even when punctured. The hard, free-swinging head disciplines unwanted aggressive shaking by delivering a sharp wrap to the snout of the dog. The hard feet and head also ensure that the dog will learn a secure body hold and discourages hard mouthing. With a natural dead bird weight and internal scenting, this training aid is the most accurate simulation of a dead pheasant yet!

  • LCS Dokken Dead Fowl Trainer Bobwhite Quail


    This is the first trainer that has the same weight and feels like a dead bird. It has a soft urethane body with a non-palatable head and feet to encourage proper carry and discourage hard mouthing. The free-swinging head discourages dogs from shaking birds, during the retrieve. The internal scent system makes this the most accurate simulation of a dead bird yet! Bobwhite Quail model.

  • LCS Dokken Dead Fowl Trainer Canadian Goose


    This trainer is one of the first trainers that weighs and feels like a dead bird. It has a soft urethane body with a non-palatable head and feet to encourage correct carry and discourage hard mouthing. The free-swinging head will daunt the dogs from shaking birds during the retrieve. The internal scent system makes this the most accurate simulation of a dead bird yet! Canada Goose model.

  • LCS EMT Gel Tube



    Dog First Aid in a convenient tube! This revolutionary breakthrough in wound care technology quickly reduces bleeding and forms a protective barrier over open wounds to promote rapid healing. It uses natural hydrolysate Type I collagen to catalyst new cell grown that heals cuts, deep wounds, burns and dermatological conditions. It acts as a tissue adhesive, helps to prevent bacterial infection and reduces pain, itching, hot spots and the potential of scarring. EMT Gel is able to conform to any size wound and protects new tissue. It is safe and non-toxic. 4″ tube 1 oz. Surgical incisions and more

    EMT Gel can be used for the safe management of wounds caused by:

      • Barbed wire cuts
      • Hot spots
      • Scratches and abrasions
      • Gunshot wounds (hunting accidents)
      • Clipping nicks
      • Heat injuries
      • Injured pads
      • Surgical incisions and more
  • LCS EMT Spray



    EMT Spray® is a light, non-stinging formulation of Type I hydrolyzed collagen combined with Bitrex™, the world’s bitterest substance to taste. Bitrex™ deters fur and skin biting and licking.

    EMT® Spray contains the same collagen as EMT® Gel and is effective for many types of wounds and skin problems including: hot spots, first and second degree burns, foot pad injuries, cuts, abrasions and flesh tears.


    • Patented hydrolysate of collagen provides fast healing of all types of wounds.
    • Pump sprayer allows for clean and convenient application.
    • Contains Bitrex, an extremely bitter substance, to deter licking and biting of wound.
    • Great for “hot spots”, scrapes, burns and large wound areas delicate to the touch.
    • Does not sting or burn.
    • Helps reduce bleeding, pain and itching – protects wound.
    • Collagen formula provides the scaffolding for new cell growth and helps prevent scarring.
    • A must for the home and field first aid kit.
    • Safe for all animals.

    For use on:

    • Hot spots
    • Superficial wounds (cuts, abrasions)
    • Burns
    • Traumatic wounds (flesh tears)
    • Injured footpads
    • Surgical wounds
    • Other general dermatological conditions

    Directions for Use:

    • Cleanse wound thoroughly with water or saline.
    • Apply EMT® Spray directly into the wound and onto the surrounding area.
    • If needed, cover wound with a non-stick dressing (Telfa®). Allow to air dry on superficial wounds.
    • Reapply EMT® Spray and redress daily (if needed).


    • Type I hydrolyzed collagen
    • Purified Water
    • U.S.P.
    • Collascent
  • LCS Force Retrieve Buck


    Our extended handle design protects your hand from your dogs mouth, and provides a tapping surface for balance and holding training.

  • LCS Freeze Dried Wings


    Get the most out of your off-season!  An excellent training tool, these freeze-dried quail/pheasant wings are great  for teaching and introducing scent. Can be used for honing retrieve and pointing styles. Choose from the natural scent or add our training scent.

  • LCS Heeling Stick


    The Heeling Stick is the fastest and easiest way to teach your dog to walk on heel.  It provides a visual barrier to the dog for staying in the proper heeling position.  Simply keep your dog on a short leash with a choke chain right next to you on the side that you want the dog to walk, then use the heeling stick in the opposite hand, positioning it across you to form a gate-like barrier in front of the dog.  Should the dog try to charge ahead, provide momentary correction with the collar and tap him gently on the chest with the stick, while giving the command “heel”.

  • LCS Pad Heal


    Cut-Heal Pad Heal offers superb protection for hunting, working, racing or endurance dogs. It conditions, repairs, and strengthens any splits in pads or webbing and creates a germ and water resistant barrier. Pad Heal penetrates rapidly and deeply and doesn’t wash off in water. Pad Heal can also be used as a conditioner to prevent injury or damage to the paws.

    Size: 8 oz.
    Ingredients: Raw linseed oil, Spirits of Turpentine, Pure Menhadin Oil, Balsam of Fir, Bees Wax, Oil of Vitriol.

  • LCS Premium Sporting Dog First Aid Kit


    Your dog is counting on you! Be prepared for almost any emergency with the most complete first aid kit available. This premium kit is packaged in a rugged, water resistant tote bag is perfect for the hunt, field trials or competition. You get the supplies you need to staple and disinfect wounds, cut or clamp off bleeding, wash out eyes and bandage wounds. Veterinarian approved!

  • LCS Refillable Skin Stapler


    The Skin Stapler is a mandatory of every hunter’s dog first aid kit. The most common application in gun dogs is closing long and deep wounds in the field from the dog getting snagged on barbed wire. It is also used on injuries to hog hunting dogs. The skin stapler is only to be used on fresh, bleeding wounds.

  • LCS Retriever Field Bag


    Here’s the bag that retriever trainers have been asking for to keep their “Bird Boy” or throwers equipment organized. It’s a simple, well-constructed canvas bag that’s the perfect size (13 in. L x 9 in. H, 1.16 lbs.) to hold their blank guns, ammo, hearing protection, handheld radio, whistle, water bottles and more! Buy 2 or 3 to be ready for multiple setups. Quality canvas construction with three exterior pockets on either side, zipper closure and canvas strap handles.

  • LCS Roy Gonia Mega Whistle


    Perfect for hunting or training, the Roy Gonia Mega Whistle protects the handler’s ears by directing the whistle’s sound forward. This field and training whistle is great for long range blinds and wet and windy conditions that require a louder whistle.

  • LCS Skin Staple Remover for Dogs


    The Skin Staple remover is designed to provide fast and easy removal of all brands of surgical skin staples. If you are an intense hunter and have found yourself using the skin staplers, it is always best to carry along a staple remover as well. With this high quality scissor-action remover, it combines plastic handles with metal tips, for improved user comfort.

    Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available, satisfaction guaranteed.

  • LCS SportDog Gonia Orange Whistle


    The Original Roy Gonia Special Orange Whistle with Pea from SportDOG has been used to train more Field Champions than any other whistle on the market.  The whistle is constructed from injection-molded high impact blaze orange plastic, then the remaining parts are assembled by hand.  This attention to detail produces a whistle perfect for hunting dog training by amateurs or professionals alike.  Its low-pitched tone with pea trill carries further, making it perfect for wild bird hunts, hunt tests and field trials.

  • LCS Tick Nipper


    Here is all the essentials you need to remove ticks and thorns from both you are your dog. Forceps and a Tick Nipper mounted on a handy piece of plastic.

    The Tick Nipper’s jaws are thinner than the tips of tweezers so they slide under the tick’s body without squeezing it. Then the big stops between the handles keep you from cutting the tick as you grip it. The jaws are nearly an inch long, giving you control you can’t get with tweezers or fingers. The Tick Nipper® doesn’t ‘grab’ the tick. Instead, its jaws ‘yoke’ loosely around the tick’s narrow mouthparts. When you pull the tick out, those jaws exert pressure on the tick’s shoulders and pop it out.

    The Tick Nipper’s bowl-shaped jaws cradle the tick safely after liftoff. You need only one hand to use it, leaving your other hand free to tend the wound or comfort the victim.

    The flea comb is the best way to remove ticks that are not imbedded in your dog’s skin. If you use a spot on tick killer they often crawl around on top the fur and I’ll stop while hunting when the dog checks in and give him a quick tick pick. Sometimes you can get 3 or 4 in one scoop when they are really heavy. Keep one in your vest pocket or on a lanyard. You’ll use it constantly!

  • LCS Training Scents

  • LCS Tuf-Foot


    Whether your dog needs to assist in the hunt, pull a sled, search through rubble, or just hang out in the yard TUF-FOOT can keep his sensitive paws and pads in excellent condition. Made from a combination of herbs and balsams that aboriginal tribes used on their feet to withstand injury in the harsh outback, TUF-FOOT has been recommended by veterinarians and trainers for more than 70 years. Owners of hunting and mushing dogs praise the product for its effectiveness on their dog’s paws and pads, and even on their own skin. TUF-FOOT is guaranteed to toughen soft, tender pads as well as protecting them from cracking, bruises, blisters and soreness. It is also a proven healing agent for cuts, scratches and bruises on paw pads. TUF-FOOT can be used on all domestic animals and humans. TUF-FOOT’s pad toughening formula contains no harmful chemicals and is safe for your dog to lick his foot.

    Use daily for 2 weeks, then 2-3 times per week to maintain condition.

    Active ingredients: balsams, peru, tolu, styrex, aloe, and benzoin.
    Size: 7oz.

  • LCS Whistle Lanyard


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