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  • PetSafe Bolt Laser Light

    • Unpredictable laser patterns for fun, interactive play
    • Adjust mirror to aim laser across different surfaces
    • Choose from 2 play settings:
      • Automatic Mode: entertains your cat for 15 minutes and uses mirror to create unpredictable patterns for your cat to chase
      • Manual Mode: pick up the Bolt and play together with your cat for as long as you’d like
    • Features a Certified Class 3 laser that is completely safe for your cat
    • Random laser patterns and movements keep your cat challenged and engaged by stimulating her natural hunting instincts to chase, stalk and pounce
    • Prevents boredom and encourages active exercise
    • Timer automatically turns off toy after 15 minutes, so your cat doesn’t get overstimulated
    • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • PetSafe Peek-A-Bird

    • Choose from 2 play settings:
      • One Time Play: plays for 10 minutes, then automatically shuts off
      • Play All Day: entertains your cat with multiple play sessions throughout the day
    • Motion sensor cat toy detects your cat’s movement and automatically turns on so your cat can play (in Play-All-Day mode)
    • Feather teaser flutters in and out of 2 different openings
    • Sturdy base and topple-free design
    • Includes 1 installed teaser feather and 1 replacement feather

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