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  • Platinum Pets Chain Leash with Leather Handle


    Enjoy the ultimate walking experience for both you and your pet with this durable leash. Daily walks have many proven health benefits for both pets and their owners. Each No-Bite Chain Leash is formed from stainless steel then, using our proprietary powder coating method, a colorful protective finish is applied leaving a unique, durable, brilliant and rust-resistant finish. The black genuine leather handle is water resistant ensuring pet owners a comfortable experience.

    • Leash is powder coated giving a long lasting finish that will not chip or rust
    • Easy snap and release
    • Available in a variety of colors to match your pet’s colorful personality
    • Leash measures at 48 in. long
  • Platinum Pets Coated Steel Fursaver


    The Platinum Pets Fur Saver Chain Training Collar features hand welded and lightweight chain links designed to prevent snagging of your pet’s fur and chafing. Each link is chrome plated and individually powder coated in a long lasting finish in an array of electric colors to guarantee against rust. The collar is smoothed out for superior comfort. The Fur Saver Collar is essential for everyday walks to prevent pulling without chafing your furry friend’s skin and snagging fur.

    • Made from steel with hand welded links
    • Designed to not chafe or irritate your pet’s skin and will not snag fur
    • Chain collar is powder coated giving a long lasting finish that will not tarnish or rust
    • Good for training your pup while attended on leash to give gentle control
    • Add style and a pop of color that will set your pup apart at the doggy park

  • Platinum Pets Heavy Dish Stainless Steel Dog/Cat Bowl


    The Platinum Pets Stainless Steel Heavy Dog Bowl has a unique design that will add color to your pet’s meal every day. This stainless steel bowl is perfect for any size dog and is powder coated in a long-lasting and dishwasher-safe finish. In addition to adding an element of style, the powder coated finish also provides extra strength against weather and regular wear and tear, and has a lifetime guarantee against rust.

  • Platinum Pets Non-Skid Stainless Steel Embossed Dog or Cat Bowl


    Add contemporary style and color to your canine companion’s daily mealtime with the Platinum Pets Stainless Steel Embossed Non-Tip Dog Bowl. The unique design is embossed with cute paw prints and available in a variety of sizes and sleek colors to fit every décor. This durable, hygienic bowl is powder coated in a long-lasting, dishwasher-safe finish that adds extra strength against wear and tear. Each one comes with a durable silicone ring at the base designed to prevent your hungry pooch from making a mess while enjoying her dinner.

    • Unique, paw-print embossed design adds contemporary style and sleek color to your hungry pup’s dinnertime.
    • Durable, hygienic bowl is finished with a durable, long-lasting finish that’s FDA Compliant and EU Certified.
    • Powder-coating adds extra strength against wear and tear that’s also weather-resistant and rust-proof.
    • Non-skid silicone base ring prevents damage to your floors and keeps the bowl from tipping or sliding

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