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  • 2″ Double-Layered Biothane Collar w/Handle


    When used during agitation work the extra width helps spread the pressure on the neck over a larger area and therefore less localized stress.

    The 2″ wide collar is available with or without a handle for additional control and is available in 20″, 22″ and 24″ lengths.

  • Ball w/Handle


    This newly redesigned Ray Allen Ball on a Rope is the perfect reward toy for your working dog.

    The ball features a hollow core combined with a soft rubber surface with knobs that allows your dog a better grip.

    The ball comes with a 2.5 inch or 3 inch diameter ball in either orange or blue colors with your choice of a T-handle or loop handle. It is durable yet still soft enough to protect against injury while playing.

  • Biothane Multifunction Harness


    Biothane Multifunctional Harness is easy to put on and remove with the heavy duty brass clips located on both sides. The harness comes with a padded breast plate for comfort, a loop handle located at the top and riveted brass fittings.

    Built and designed for daily use and will not stretch, crack, or require maintenance. It is non restrictive, comfortable and the harness to use for tracking and agitation work.

    Sizing is based on your dog’s girth:
    Medium: 26 – 36 inches
    Large: 29 – 39 inches
    X-Large: 37 – 47 inches

  • Box Clicker


    J&J Clickers are the rugged, long-lasting variety, but you should always have several J&J Dog Clickers on hand.

    Many dog training experts in positive motivational training methods utilize clickers as a secondary reinforcer.(Assorted colors)

  • Nosework Scent Kit – AKC


    The AKC kit item number AKC-SC100 (blue case), contains Anise, Birch, Clove and Cypress essential oils.

    This kit includes four scent vials, four jars with presented cotton swabs, four eye droppers, one aerated metal scent tin with magnet and one convenient impact resistant, hard plastic blue carrying case.

    This is a special order item, please allow us 1-2 weeks to get this item in once you have placed your order.

  • Nosework Scent Kit – UKC


    The UKC kit item number UKC-SC200 (black case), contains Anise, Birch, Clove, Myrrh and Vetiver essential oils.

    This kit includes five scent vials, five jars with presented cotton swabs, five eye droppers, one aerated metal scent tin with magnet and one convenient impact resistant, hard plastic black carrying case.

  • Plastic Dumbbells


    With our J&J Molded White Plastic Dumbbells there are no more broken wooden dumbbells for the rest of your life! Legal for use in all A.K.C. and U.K.C. sanctioned matches and trials, these bright white dumbbells are nearly identical to our wooden competition dumbbells in size and shape, but they do weigh slightly more. A slight texture is molded into the surface of the bit, giving your dog a better grip. Though these are made from a non- toxic plastic, they are not designed to be a “chew toy” and should not be left with an unattended dog.

    Small – 2 1/2″ ends, 2 1/2″ bit, 11/16″ diameter Medium – 2 3/4″ ends, 3″ bit, 13/16″ diameter Large – 3″ ends, 3 1/2″ bit, 15/16″ diameter

  • Ray Allen 1″ Collar- English Rein Brown Leather


    Premier Collars are made of #1 grade English Rein Leather with brass-plated German steel hardware.

    This Havana brown leather dog collar quickly softens with use for a luxurious feel.

    Measures 1″ wide and 1/4″ thick.

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