Biothane Multi-Purpose Leash


Our BioThane Multi-Purpose leashes will quickly become your go-to leash. These were created in Europe hundreds of years ago for use while hunting due to their versatility. They are also known as Jaeger, Hunter, European or adjustable leashes. These have become extremely popular for service dogs as well due to the configurations available, especially the hands free option. Ours are made from BioThane which is made in the US and is waterproof, durable, easy to clean and sanitize and extremely strong using hardware that had been tried and true for us for almost 40 years. Even our narrowest width has a strength limit of 750 pounds. These leashes can be used as hands free, slip leash, tie out, two dog walker, 7′ leash, 5′ leash, and a 3′ leash. Yes, seven uses and we know customers that have come up with more than that. We use commercial grade stitching with rivets for longevity that can’t be beat by other products on the market. They are available in two sizes and 24 colors so there is something for everyone. Also available handmade in leather by request.

The 3/8″ width is made with brass hardware is recommended for dogs under 40 pounds.  The 5/8″ is made with all stainless hardware and is perfect for larger dogs and dogs that pull.  The standard length is 7′. The 6′ is specifically configured for those owners that are below average height or those with very tall dogs.

You can check out our video on the many uses here:

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3/8"x7', 5/8"x7'

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