BRB Quail with Bone Case


This product is sold in a 30 lb case of individually packaged 2 lb rolls. If you wish to purchase individual rolls, please see our build your own box product to select individual rolls.

Ground Quail, Ground Quail Bone – no organ meats

Please note, this is not meant to be fed as a complete diet. You will need to add organ meat and should also consider other additives to make a balanced diet. For assistance in feeding a balanced diet, please reach out to our team. 

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Ground Quail, Ground Quail Bone – no organ meats


Protein- 17.45%
Fat- 9.05%
Fiber- .35%
Ash- 4.85%
Moisture- 68.42%
Calcium- 1785 mg/100g
Phosphorus- 1120 mg/100g
1407 kcal/kg

Keywords: Blue Ridge Beef


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