Breathe-Right Bungee Fur Ball


This Bungee Handled tug has a Breathe-Rite ball from Chuck-it! added to make tugging fun! We have taken fleece and fur and woven it through the ball and sewn it into place for an additional incentive to engage in tug.

The ball is approximately 2” in diameter and has an open weave design that allows the dog to breathe easier while tugging, the overall toy length is 15”.

The fleece and fur is loosely sewn in and is meant as an attractant to the dog. It encourages the dog to tug on the ball and interact with you. After you have built value for this toy with your dog the fleece and fur may or may not be removed. The fleece/fur strips may pull loose during the process of play. This toy is meant for beginning or gentle tuggers.

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