FDT French Linen Bite Builder PBB4F


You have a young dog who is full of energy and is ready to start serious training?
Are you planning to own a real defender and win different types of dog competitions?
Get started with Dog Bite Builder! It will help you to develop necessary bite strength and direct your dog’s energy and courage into a proper place.

French Linen Bite Builder Developer for Dog with Hard Handles

Key features of this Dog Bite Builder:

  • 3 durable round padded hard handles
  • dog safe materials
  • durable french linen material
  • easy bite grip angle for training

Intended use of this Dog Bite Builder:

  • Advanced bite training
  • Building full bite grip
  • Building better position grip
  • Building stronger grip

For those who are going to involve their dogs into professional dog training and competitions, a dog bite builder is a great “starting point”.

This dog bite builder is made of French linen. Such material is used for bite suits, thus when your dog is ready for high level of training, he/she will be already accustomed to this type of material, and won’t refuse biting it.
French linen is very durable and dog safe. So, even after numerous trainings, the bite builder will keep its form.

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