FDT Jute Dog Bite Sleeve for Intermediate Training PS15


The quick reward sleeve allows you to remove your arm fast during bite training. This is due to the short bite bar barrel and easy wide sleeve entrance point. You know how those split seconds matter when you need to give your dog a reward after good session. No more hassle with this intermediate sleeve. You will also love the velcro removable/ replaceable cover. With the dog training arm sleeve, the bottom part is not removable and you need to pay almost the whole sleeve price to get the bottom part. The removable sleeve cover for this dog bite arm sleeve is only $29.90 so it’s a great investment.

It is the leader of all dog training equipment and used by schutzhund trainers for years with great performance. The cylinder is made in such a way that the helper can feel the bite pressure. The sk9 dog training equipment for bite training is ultra lightweight, has a perfectly angled bite bar and is very comfortable fit. A superior arm can be used with both young and experienced young dogs. We recommend you use this hunting dog equipment for training dogs till the age of 12 month.

Pick this dog training sleeve when you need to build a good foundation in bite work. The gundog training equipment is designed for dogs that are in-between stages in their protection work program. Our dog bite protection sleeve is the perfect step up from the puppy sleeve when working with young dogs. The cover is easily removable.

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