FDT Lightweight Ball Arm Pocket Made of Durable NC Material TE81


Comfortable Arm Pocket to Hide 7 cm Balls during Training Sessions

Dogs aren’t born with what we consider good manners, they have to be taught. And like many other behaviors you can improve your dog’s attention through training. This one-size-fits-all arm pocket is a great aid on your way to developing attention of your puppy or dog. It is a high-quality product that enables to hide a ball from the dog’s sight during a training session.

Dependable ball arm pocket stitched with armored fiber

This ball arm pocket is designed to teach the puppy or dog to concentrate his attention. Maneuver the ball and make the dog to closely follow it. Then hide the ball into the arm pocket. He follows your motions and in such a way concentrates his attention at you.

Arm pocket will do for 7 cm balls

Key features of this ball arm pocket:

  • easy and fast to put
  • tear-proof and stain resistant material
  • adjustable strap
  • durable

Intended use of this ball arm pocket:

  • developing dog’s attention

Sizes available:

  • 2 3/4 inch x 4 1/3 inch (7 cm x 11 cm)
  • weight – 180 g


  • NC material

Develop attention of your dog with this ball arm pocket

The arm pocket is manufactured of totally non-toxic and eco-friendly material. It is not likely to provoke allergy or cause itching. In addition, it is a sturdy material. Due to it, the item will serve you for a long period of time without a sign of wearing. The arm pocket is stitched with armored thread for reinforcement. This model is equipped with a strap that can be easily adjusted.

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Usage of this arm pocket during training will help to improve dog’s attention skills. This skill is essential for further education and healthy development of the pet. So, getting this arm pocket is a long-term investment that yields an exceptionally high return.

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