Steve’s Frozen Enhance Goat Milk Yogurt


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Enhance is a line of products that creates a bridge from kibble feeding to raw feeding. If you are feeding a dry diet and know there are benefits of raw food, but do not want to deal with the hassle, cost or ___ (enter reason here) of switching a dog or cat to a raw diet, you can simply enhance their diet. Each frozen goat milk enhance product is packed full of carefully chosen superfoods that are designed to alleviate specific health issues. Just top your pet’s current diet with enhance and you’ll be feeding raw food without having to change their diet.

CarnaForage: Allergy
DogNog: Inflammation
Purrgurt: Immunity
CannaGurt: Pain
ChiaFreeze: Detox

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ChiaFreeze Goat Milk Yogurt, CannaGurt Goat Milk Yogurt, DogNog Goat Milk Yogurt, CarnaForage Goat Milk Yogurt

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