HyperFlite Jawz Disc


The Jawz flying disc is the toughest and best-flying puncture-resistant competition disc ever made. The Jawz disc stands up to gnashing canine teeth better than any other competition disc and weighs in at a beefy 130 grams. If Fido’s plastic addiction is robbing you of your hard-earned dollars, the Jawz disc is for you. Although the Jawz disc is remarkably tough in normal canine play, it is not intended to be used as a chew toy. Measures 8-3/4″ in diameter.

*NEW* All Jawz Discs now have the X-Flash finish. This finish is a microscopic non-abrasive texture that’s smooth to the touch. It makes them more visible, helping to eliminates canine-blinding “sunflashes” that cause canine missed catches. X-Flash is patent-pending technology only available at Hyperflite.

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Size: 8 3/4″ diameter

Colors: Purple, Black, Blueberry, Lemon-Lime

Made in Georgia, USA.


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