Kurgo Heather Half Hammock


  • The seat protector can be easily installed—hook and loop design provides access to seatbelts and latch systems.
  • Weighted beads help anchor cover in place, while under-seat paracord further secures.
  • Versatile design allows for use on either left or ride side of the vehicle.
  • Piped edges help contain dirt and water, further protecting your vehicle’s interior. Material is waterproof and stain-resistant.
  • Features two storage pockets for holding extra accessories and gusseted flaps provide additional coverage.


The Kurgo Half Hammock Seat Protector transforms half of your backseat into a secure oasis for your doggo, while leaving the other half free for non-furry passengers. In the event a travel ‘uh-oh’ moment, you’ll be thankful for the hammock’s waterproof stain-resistant fabric and gusseted flaps which can easily stand up to dirty paws and accidents and allow easy access to seatbelts. The seat protector’s smart design allows for the attachment to all four of your vehicle’s headrests, while an additional five adjustment points provide added security. Travel with your pup just got easier.

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