Mendota Pet Check Cord


By Professionals, For You
The Mendota Check Cord is the professional’s choice for training to come on command and retrieving to hand. A trusted Mendota product, you can be assured this check cord will serve you and your dog through many fond years of use.

More Than Just A Long Leash
A check cord is an invaluable tool for teaching your dog various retrieving and off-leash behaviors while allowing you as the handler the opportunity for control at any time. Because of its specific construction, it’s less likely than a regular rope to snag or tangle.

Product Highlights:
•20 and 30 foot lengths
•Polypropylene Roping
•Soft in Hand
•Anti-Corrosive Hardware
•Genuine Leather Details
•Made in USA

Available Styles:

  • Obedience 20 Check Cord 3/8″ X 20′ – Black
  • Trainer 30 Check Cord 3/8″ X 30′ – Orange
  • Pro-Trainer 30 Check Cord 1/2″ X 30′ – Orange
  • Super Cord/Check Cord 7/16″ X 30′ – Hi-Viz Yellow

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