Ms. Beaster’s Grain-Free Biskits Elk Sweet Pumpkin


At Mrs. Beaster’s Biskits, all of the treats are preservative and GMO-free. Their ten unique grain-free varieties are complex, nuanced, & nutritionally balanced. They also offer three varieties made with oats.

WHAT Makes The Difference

They are a Wisconsin family farm business that practices organic growing methods. They grow our own produce right on their farm and their free range/pasture raised meats come from other Wisconsin family farms. They never use meals, artificial flavors, fillers or fat to substitute for nature and are dedicated to using the least processed, most natural ingredients possible. As an added bonus, their use of honest, natural foods also make our biskits a great choice for dogs with medical conditions, stomach issues, or allergies.

WHO Makes The Difference

Their business was created as a vocational community. This means they hire and support adults of all abilities. They each contribute what we are capable of sharing. They work, eat, laugh and play as a team and share a great love of crafting these wonderful treats together. So when you purchase a bag of Mrs. Beaster’s Biskits for your family pet, you are guaranteed to be getting a truly special treat!

Ingredients: Free-Range Elk, Sweet Pumpkin, Potato, Coconut Oil, Sea Salt, Baking Powder, Naturally Purified Well Water

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