Nulo Cat Freestyle Pate


Nulo FreeStyle offers a wide range of dry, wet, freeze-dried raw, treat, and topper recipes to fuel your cat’s adventures. On average, 83-90% of the protein in our FreeStyle diets for cats comes from animal sources, which provides your cat with the ideal amino acid profile! FreeStyle’s formulas are grain-free, using ingredients like sweet potatoes and chickpeas as low-glycemic, whole-food carbohydrate sources. Find Nulo FreeStyle at your local independent pet specialty retailer or through select online retailers.

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Chicken/Herring 5.5 oz, Turkey/Chicken 5.5 oz, Turkey/Chicken 12.5 oz, Salmon/Mackerel 12.5 oz, Beef/Lamb 5.5 oz, Duck/Tuna 5.5 oz, Salmon/Mackerel 5.5 oz

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