Platinum Pets Coated Steel Fursaver


The Platinum Pets Fur Saver Chain Training Collar features hand welded and lightweight chain links designed to prevent snagging of your pet’s fur and chafing. Each link is chrome plated and individually powder coated in a long lasting finish in an array of electric colors to guarantee against rust. The collar is smoothed out for superior comfort. The Fur Saver Collar is essential for everyday walks to prevent pulling without chafing your furry friend’s skin and snagging fur.

• Made from steel with hand welded links
• Designed to not chafe or irritate your pet’s skin and will not snag fur
• Chain collar is powder coated giving a long lasting finish that will not tarnish or rust
• Good for training your pup while attended on leash to give gentle control
• Add style and a pop of color that will set your pup apart at the doggy park

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