Ruff Land Performance Kennel-Orange


These kennels are currently IN STOCK. This is a special order color, once our inventory is gone it will no longer be available until the company runs this color again. Ruffland Kennels CANNOT be delivered on the delivery routes, they must be picked up at our store in Sauk City, WI or we can also ship to you at your expense.

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Small Single Door, Mid-Size Single Door, Medium Single Door, Medium Front/Back Door, Backseat Rider, Intermediate Single Door, Intermediate Front/Right Door, Intermediate Front/Left Door, Intermediate Front/Back Door, Intermediate SUV Back, Large Single Door, Large Front/Back Door, Large Front/Right Door, Large Front/Left Door, Large SUV Back, XL Single Door, XL Front/Back Door, XL Front/Right Door, XL Front/Left Door, Water Hole, Top Tray Medium, Backseat, Intermediate SUV, Top Tray Intermediate & Large SUV, Top Tray Large, Top Tray XL

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