Spot Seek-A-Treat Connector Puzzle- Flip ‘N’ Slide


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  • Tests your dog’s skills and provides the mental stimulation he needs to stay sharp.
  • Inspires him to use his critical thinking skills to sniff out and uncover treats.
  • Rewards your pup for a job well-done, which encourages his intelligent behavior.
  • Ideal for both solo and interactive play—join your pup and cheer on his success!
  • Helps to prevent boredom, restlessness and may even help avoid some behavioral problems caused by a lack of stimulation.

Puzzle your pup with a delightful, rewarding game of Flip N’ Slide using a unique treat dispenser by Ethical Pet. This plastic toy provides your dog with mental stimulation using multiple compartments and his favorite reward: treats! Your little Einstein must “flip and slide” each compartment to find the treasure hidden beneath. Watch as he uses his nose and paws to nudge the pockets, searching for a tasty snack, and clap when he finds his prize. It’s an excellent task to stimulate his brain—preventing boredom and exercising his critical thinking skills. Connect multiple puzzles together for a bigger challenge!

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