Walkin’ Up-n-Go Leash


The Walkin’ Up-n-Go Leash is designed to support your dog’s hind end. Simple to put on the dog, you can quickly and easily assist your aging, disabled, or injured pet rise from a lying down position or walk up/down stairs. Or use it to provide stability for your dog if it is unsteady on its hind legs. The Walkin’ Up-n-Go Leash comes in one size to fit dogs 20 to 150 lbs. It has adjustable leg pads and an adjustable leash handle length. This product is not meant to completely lift your dog’s legs off the ground, but to support and assist the dog.

• Assist aging dogs to rise from a lying down position
• Assist aging, disabled, or injured dogs walking up/down stairs
• Steadies older, arthritic and post-surgical dogs
• One size fits dogs 20-150 lbs.
• Adjustable leg pads and leash handle length

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