Ready to see what brands we carry? Raw Rations focuses on carrying both AAFCO compliant diets and DIY products to serve our wide variety of client needs. We’re always looking to add new brands so if you don’t see something you’d like, drop us a note with a request.

Albright’s Pet Food (for Dogs)
Starting at $2.70/lb

Manufactured in Fort Wayne, IN this company is run by a husband and wife. They are a smaller business and very personable to do business with. This company offers 5 AAFCO compliant diets, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Beef/Chicken. In order to meet AAFCO compliance, Albright’s adds vegetables to their diets. Their meats are all sourced from USDA grade suppliers. This product is available in 2 lb and 5 lb rolls and is a great option for small-large breed dogs.

Albrights also offers Green Lamb Tripe and Beef Organ mix in 2 lb rolls.

Answers Pet Food (for Dogs & Cats)
Starting at $4.50/lb

Answers Pet Food is based out of Fleetwood, PA. This company offers products that are fermented to support healthy immune functions and promote good gut health. Answers focuses on high quality meats and ingredients, most of their products offer organic locally sourced meats and produce.

Blue Ridge Beef (for Dogs & Cats)
Starting at $2.13/lb

Manufactured in North Carolina, this company has been around since the 1979. They do not offer AAFCO compliant diets, however, many of their products are single protein for the DIY or diet sensitive clients. Their meat is sourced from USDA certified human plants. This product is available in 2 lb rolls.

Butcher Grade (for Dogs & Cats)

This category includes all of our products sourced from our human grade, butcher supplier. These products are specifically for the DIY customer along with some fun raw treats. We can source many additional products than what we have listed online so if you’re looking for something specific, just ask!

Northwest Naturals (for Dogs & Cats)
Starting at $4.50/lb

Northwest Naturals is a company located in Portland Oregon who has been in the meat packing industry since 1956. They have been producing raw pet food since 2004. They offer convenient 1 lb bars along with 5 lb rolls depending on the size of crew you’re feeding. This company also has a great variety of proteins that we’ve found difficult to source.

Raw Bistro (for Dogs)
Starting at $5.99/lb

Manufactured in Cannon Falls, MN, this company is another smaller quality company that has been in business since 2010. They focus on locally sourced products from farms in the Midwest. The meats are grass fed, pasture raised. In order to meet AAFCO compliance, Raw Bistro adds organic fruits and vegetables. We carry mini patties in a 3 lb bag (perfect for a small dog), large patties in a 6 lb bag, and large patties in an 18 lb box.

Pure Pheasant

Ross Wells (for Dogs & Cats)
Starting at $0.94/lb

Manufactured in Medford, WI this company has been around since the 1960’s. They offer two AAFCO compliant diets and numerous single protein or whole products. This company uses synthetic vitamins to reach AAFCO compliance and their meats are sourced from USDA grade factories. This is a budget friendly product and great for those with multiple large dogs. The packaging options include: 5 lb rolls, 50 lb divided boxes, 50 lb blocks.

Ross Wells also offers single protein products. These are as follows: Ground Chicken necks/backs, Beef tripe, chicken necks, ground salmon, whole mackerel. The ground products are available in 5 lb rolls. The whole products are available in 40-50 lb boxes.

Steve’s Real Food (for Dogs & Cats)
Starting at $4.95/lb

Manufactured in Cottonwood, UT, this company has been in business since 1998 and was the first commercial raw company. Their products are sourced from USDA grade farms and plants. This is a BARF style diet and does not meet AAFCO compliance. This company offers 6 dog diets and 3 cat diets. The dog diets come in 5 lb bag of nuggets, or 13.5 lb box of Patties. Cat products are available in a 2 lb container of nuggets. We also carry the Steve’s Prey diets and Frozen Enhance Goat Milk Yogurts.

Tucker’s Raw Frozen (for Dogs & Cats)
Starting at $ 4.99/lb

Tucker’s is a small family owned company located in Wisconsin! They have been in business since 2009 and are a wonderful company to supply. Tucker’s products are a bit unique in the fact that their patties are individually packaged making it very convenient to use…also a great product to take with you when you need a quick meal for your pet. Tucker’s products are all AAFCO compliant for all life stages including large breed puppies.