Ready to get food from us but located outside of our delivery routes? Not a problem! We can ship anywhere in the United States via UPS. Included in our shipping is an insulated shipping box and dry ice (as needed) to ensure your frozen product arrives as expected.

Please note we only offer shipments outgoing on Mondays or Tuesdays to ensure they will arrive before the weekend. Next Day Air shipments are available if you’re in need of food immediately.

How We Can Pack Your Box

Our frozen shipping box holds up to 45 lbs of frozen food. We’ve also found this to be the most effective shipping rate per pound for you. We recommend selecting one of the following options:
-(9) 5 lb rolls (Albrights, Titan/Ross-Wells, or some Blue Ridge Beef products)
-(22) 2 lb rolls (Albrights, Blue Ridge Beef, or SmallBatch)
-Mixed Specialty (Anything raw we carry) Note: This option will not fit 45 lbs.

Ross Wells Blocks/Divided Boxes are NOT available for shipping

How Much is Frozen Shipping?

We do not include shipping costs into the cost of our products. We prefer to be transparent about the cost of shipping products to you. Frozen shipping runs approximately $1/lb ($45) for our 1-2 day customers, and slightly higher for our 3-4 day customers East/West Coast ($50-$80). This includes the cost of our insulated shipper and dry ice where needed. We are not able to offer discounts on shipping as we are simply passing along the costs for us to ship you your product.

If you’re in need of food Next Day Air, we can also accommodate those requests. The cost to ship this selection is approximately $100-$120/45 lb box plus product cost.

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