Are you welcoming a new pet into your family? We’d love to help make them feel right at home! We offer a sample pack of our favorite raw food for your new dog or cat to get started on the right foot along with a sample of FidoVite and a complimentary treat. Just follow the instructions below to redeem your Welcome Home Kit for your pet to try out!

1. Navigate to the kit:

2. Add the kit to your cart (make sure you choose the details about your pet so we know what to pack!)

3. Tell us where you’ll pick up your kit (we can bring it on our monthly delivery routes or you can pick it up at the store from us)

We’d love to extend a warm welcome to your pet on our social media! Just send us over an email with a picture of your new pet along with a short writeup about them and we’ll gladly welcome them to the family Raw Rations style!