Nationwide Shipping

Not local to us? No problem! We can ship frozen food and dry goods anywhere in the country via UPS. Please note that our products you'll shop via shipping are condensed as we can't ship everything we carry in store. Shipments are sent out Monday-Wednesday every week.

Frozen Shipping

Our shipping box holds up to 45 lbs of frozen food, depending on your selection. It's also most cost effective to order a full box but we do understand sometimes people need less. Our minimum recommended shipping amount is 20 lbs for safe travel. Our boxes don't include dry ice but if you're a 3 or 4 day, we strongly recommend adding the dry ice product to your cart so we can pack dry ice as well.

We cannot guarantee frozen deliveries that are shipped via Ground. If you would like guaranteed delivery, you must select a 1 or 2 day shipment.

Dry Shipping

We can ship any of our dry goods via UPS!