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Ticks are always on our minds as the weather gets warmer, especially when it comes to our four-legged companions. We want nothing but the best for our furry friends and keeping them safe from fleas and ticks is a top priority. As these creepy crawlies hatch and find their hosts, they feed on your pet's blood, and ticks can even transfer tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease while fleas can cause allergic reactions. That's why we always recommend using preventatives for your pets.

To help you out, we carry natural flea and tick products from Earth Animal and Wondercide. While fleas and ticks are more common in warmer weather. Both companies offer a range of products to protect your pets against bugs, ticks and fleas. These products include collars, spot-on treatments, shampoos, and bug sprays. These products utilize various essential oils, with cedarwood and peppermint oils being the most commonly used. In addition to these products, Wondercide also offers a yard spray that can be used to treat specific areas of your yard where your pets frequently play or relax. Earth Animal takes it a step further by offering an internal powder and chew option to help protect your pets internally. These are garlic-based, which may be alarming to some, but it's important to note that feeding the recommended amount for the size of your dog is crucial. The sulfur in garlic is excreted through a dog's skin, which deters fleas from moving in and ticks from latching on. 

We often have customers reach out to us about their dogs having negative side effects from chemical/pesticide-based flea and tick prevention and don't know where to turn. We're always more than happy to talk to you about natural alternatives to flea and tick prevention. The natural preventatives are safe for humans, which means they're safe to have around you and your family.

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