4th of July Pet Tips

Fourth of July can be a very fun, while also extremely stressful time of year for our pets. Sadly, each summer shelters experience, a noticeable increase in stray animals in the days proceeding Fourth of July celebrations. Unsure how to prepare for the festivities and ensure your dog stays safe and relaxed? Check out our helpful list of tips below!

Check Tags & Microchip Info

The easiest step you can take to making sure your dog is returned to you quickly if they happen to get out during Fourth of July is updating their identification. Make sure your dog has a well fitting, secure collar with a tag including necessary contact information. It’s also extremely helpful to have your pet microchipped in case their collar comes off. But keep in mind, the information is only helpful if it’s up-to-date and accurate! Take a few minutes to check your pets tags, and call the microchip company to double check your phone number and address is correct.

Keep Your Dog Inside

Sudden, loud noises like fireworks can be extremely startling for dog. We highly recommend keeping your pet inside during fourth of July week. When you do take your dog outside, make sure they are securely contained in a fenced in area, are on a tie out, or walk them on a leash. Also, remember, a dog’s response to situations can change from year to year. Your pup might have been totally fine with fireworks last year, and this year they might cause a great deal of stress and fear. Find a space in your house, where your dog feels relaxed, secure, and is away from the commotion. Utilize relaxing music or a fan to drowned out firework noises if needed.

Keep Them Busy

Providing your pup with ways to release stress and keep themselves busy during stressful times can be extremely helpful. Stock up yummy chews, puzzle games, and durable toys to distract your dog.  Spending a few days before the big event prepping enrichment toys such as KONGs for the freezer makes it super simple to grab one already made on the day of. 

Try Calming Supplements

There are so many wonderful calming supplements on the market right now, many of which we stock! Each dog can respond differently to various active ingredients, so it can take a bit to find a good match for your pet’s needs. Because of this, we highly recommend trying a calming product a few days in advance to see if it will produce the desired results. Calming supplements can be incredibly helpful to have on hand during stressful events such as travel, storms, or holidays like the fourth.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute!

Most importantly, prepare in advance! Holidays can be a busy time, especially with company coming over. The last thing you want to be doing is scrambling to make sure your pet is safe and entertained. Stop by our store early in the week to touch base with our knowledgeable team and find the necessary tools for keeping your pet calm and safe during the Fourth of July celebrations.

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